The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an exclusive network of 13 clusters from the world’s leading cleantech regions: Europe, North America and South Africa. ICN is based on a triple helix approach i.e. cooperation between companies, universities and research institutions and public authorities. 

 The objective of ICN is three-fold:

  • Facilitate project development of cluster members and their SMEs by providing them with a strategic platform for finding relevant partners for cleantech projects.
  • Enhance its members’ internationalisation by facilitating the access for SMEs wanting to investigate foreign market opportunities through the ICN Passport services.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing amongst its members through the organisation of networking events, C2C speed-dating events and best practices exchange.

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ICN’s vision is to be the leading global network of the best performing cleantech cluster organizations from around the world.

ICN’s mission is to create direct value for stakeholders belonging to the clusters, such as companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities, by using international cooperation to enhance their competitive advantages in the global market.


Climate change, rapid urbanization, the depletion of natural resources and a recent global financial crisis have increased the global demand for sustainable solutions and green technologies. Cleantech SMEs (i.e., energy and environment industries) are on the international forefront, using their innovation capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to meet this growing global demand.



By supporting SME development, cluster organizations have successfully promoted SME internationalization, thus increasing exports and generating regional growth in their home regions.


Green Growth Study of OECD

ICN is Part of International Green Growth Study of OECD. OECD Report on Measuring the Potential of Local Green Growth: An Analysis of Greater Copenhagen, 20 December 2012.

ICLEI report – cities and clusters

ICN participated in a survey conducted by the University of Amsterdam for ICLEI with the topic on the potential of Cities and Cleantech cluster cooperation. 

Source: Role of local governments in promoting renewable energy businesses: A contribution to a green urban economy, ICLEI Global Report.


The European Cluster Collaboration Platform

The E.C.C.P is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations with modern tools. It is a vibrant platform at the service of cluste organisations and now ICN has its own profile on the E.C.C.P website!