ICN Challenges

More and more people and cities from all over the world are feeling the real-time effects of climate change, pollution and the exploitation of the environment. As such, the need for innovative solutions to mitigate these effects and adapt to a new climate and living conditions is ever growing. ICN members are on the frontline of sustainable solutions and have the capacity to connect the needs of cities, regions, large industry and many more with the right solution. 

In light of this, ICN has launched “ICN Challenges”, a new and exciting initiative for the companies of ICN clusters that wish to reach out across borders. ICN Challenges connect cities and organisations with ICN solution providers from all over the world, delivering them with a ready-to-go cleantech solution to their challenge.

Since the launch of ICN Challenges in early 2018, ICN members Nordic Edge, GreenCape, Ecotech Quebec and CLEAN have already identified a city or company in need of a cleantech solution. ICN shares these locally grounded ICN challenges with the ICN network and connect the challenge owners with relevant companies, creating direct business opportunies. 

If you wish to know more about ICN Challenges and the other services we provide our members regarding internationalisation, knowledge sharing and project development, contact the ICN Secretariat.