ICN Services

ICN offers a range of services aimed at generating new business opportunities, enhancing competitive advantages and creating value for the companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities of its members.



ICN builds solid relations with key industry stakeholders (e.g., buyers, investors, researchers) who facilitate business opportunities, and partners with 3rd party organizations (e.g. UN, EU) that provide access to and funding for inter-cluster projects. ICN also collaborates with other clusters on inter-cluster projects. Click here for more information about ICN’s partnerships.


ICN further engages in cross-regional coordination with clusters that are well-positioned, highly motivated and have strategic strengths. Membership provides an avenue to gain market knowledge, as each member cluster serves as a one-stop entry point for its respective region. Click here to learn more about ICN Passport.


ICN shares best practices for cluster management excellence, supporting member clusters’ green growth strategies.